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Be Creative

November 2023 – Photography Task “Take a picture with your mobile camera of your surroundings and describe that picture in your own words.” Type or Write on a piece of paper send us your picture and description (both) via email

Educational Hub – Maths

Pre-Schoolers Teaching math to preschool students can be a fun and rewarding experience. Visual aids, such as number cards, charts, and drawings, can help preschoolers understand and remember numbers and basic math operations. Remember that the goal of teaching math to preschoolers is to foster a positive attitude towards math and build a strong foundation …

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Educational Hub – English

Pre-Schoolers Teaching English to preschool students can be a fun and rewarding experience. Children at this age are highly visual learners. Use pictures, flashcards, and props to help them associate words with images. Preschoolers love music and rhymes. Incorporate English songs and rhymes into your lessons to make learning more engaging and memorable. Remember that the …

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Annual Competitions – 2022

  saMas Charity (Kids Education Program) has organized a competition for children of different age levels.  Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners. Competition is categorized into two main Categories: Speaking Skills – Preschoolers  Tell us about your favorite Toy or your favorite Game. – Record a video (60 to 80 Seconds) – Make …

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Lahore Event

2021-12-17 – Gift Distribution Event in Lahore, Pakistan. “Don’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream the farther you get.” – Michael Phelps   Build the Confidence The event was organized to conduct several activities. Spread the Happiness Gifts were distributed to make them smile.     Dedicated to Quality We make sure …

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