Rules of Engagement for Schools






School Principals, Teachers, saMas Charity Team Members

Rules of Engagement for Schools:

Here are some guidelines that schools can follow to cooperate with the SaMas charity program. By implementing these rules, saMas charity team ensures that its students are receiving quality education and are on a path to success.

  1. Provide Academic results: We require that the school provides academic reports at least twice a year.
    The charity program is closely monitoring the academic progress of students and expects to see their results above 80%. Students who score below 60% will receive a warning letter. They will be given six months to improve their grades by at least 10%. Please refer to “Rules of Engagement for Students” for further details.
  2. Attendance: If a student is not attending school regularly or is facing any other study-related issues, we require that the school notifies the zonal-incharge immediately.
  3. Conduct Student meeting: We require that the school facilitate a bi-annual meeting between the student and saMas Charity zonal-incharge.
  4. Monthly Progress Report: Optionally, we also request that the school submit monthly progress reports of the students to the zonal-incharge of saMas Charity. The report should include information on attendance, academic progress, and behavior. The Google form can be found at

We request that the school comply and provide information needed for the smooth functioning of the charity program.

For any queries, please contact us at